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  • Enter a product faster, than writing it down

    CogZum's autofill engine allows you to enter a fully-described item in a few seconds. Intelligent assistance will help with categorising the product, which sets the suggested “best within” and units selection. You can add the products to your shopping list or home inventory.
  • Build your smart shopping list in seconds and navigate the store like a boss

    Any previously entered products can be picked with a single action from your "Favorites", "At Home" or "Reuse" lists. CogZum will set product properties using your last purchase information. The app orders the list to help you work around the store in quickest time.
  • Shop and plan meals with confidence, knowing what you have

    "At Home" list is a searchable inventory of food and other supplies, stocked at your home. Use it at any time for reference and assessment of your needs. It is auto-updated as you cross off items in "To Buy" and allows for any home-cooked dish to be tracked as well. CogZum 1.4 adds 'low' quantity for easy tracking of stuff that is running out.
  • Arrange your favorite products

    Newly created products can be added to your "Favorites" list and you can send the items to the shopping list with a single swipe. Quantity suggestion sets how much its default amount will be, but you can turn that off in Settings.
  • CogZum remembers and makes your tasks easier with time

    Don’t re-create, re-use! Once entered, a product doesn’t need to be build EVER AGAIN. The searchable "Reuse" list is the place where you will find all previously bought products allowing you to create new shopping lists in seconds!
  • Expiry time tracking and management

    CogZum calculates "Use By" dates for all perishable goods, including cooked dishes. 'Days to go' hint is shown for products that expire soon and you can see how long ago an item has been bought. You can quickly change the date when a product is opened or frozen as well.
  • Improve your assesment of buying needs

    When you shop again, CogZum presents information about last product purchase - consumption time, quantity bought and uneaten amount. Use that information to find the right quantity to buy and reach zero waste goal.
  • Now there is an easy way to know what goes in and out of your household

    CogZum gives you real-time percentage reports of consumed vs. uneaten food, as well as detailed month by month, finished/uneaten Journal. Just indicate when a product is over whether it is eaten or some of it was lost for any reason.
  • Rule the kitchen with smartest reminders

    Get notified at the right time if there are items to be purchased or something is about to expire. CogZum automatically checks your inventory and shows you various reports with direct actions - updating a product is now a tap away! With full customization and "Shopping Days" selection to match your calendar.
  • Share shopping work with anyone

    Send your current shopping list via SMS, Email or other messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp to friends, family or roommates to delegate the shopping duties with a single tap.

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Finalist, London 2016

Zero Damage

The majority of people do not realize how much spoiled food goes into the bin. Contrary to their belief, this is a totally avoidable loss of their money, time and efforts. Food waste heavily contributes to already serious environmental and wildlife problems. Maybe you have a way to deal with over bought/cooked food, but why double the effort?
CogZum helps you to buy as much as you need and tracks the food expiry.

Zero Shopping Problems

How many times have you wished you could roll back time and get that product when you shopped? But you can't. What you can do is get better at your grocery shopping organization with the help of a smart tool. Never again will you need to wonder what needs buying; no more forgotten or mistaken buys. Unplanned and costly local store trips, embarrassing moments - gone!

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