CogZum Food Waste Challenge: Week 2

Two weeks gone since I challenged myself to measure our household’s food waste and time spent shopping. This happened to be the week after my birthday party and over buying for the festive dinner can be easily seen from the results.

Time spent shopping in minutes (doesn’t include time to the shop and back): 64 minutes

Spontaneous shopping trips: 1

Food thrown away in GBP: 21.04

We spent more than an hour food shopping in just 7 days again. If an hour is the average time we spend in the market this means we spend approximately 48 hours a year buying food that we’ll eventually throw away. Spontaneous shopping trips don’t seem to be a problem in our family as we have only one this week, too. The amount of food we thrown away is tree times bigger than the week before which I believe is because of my birthday dinner. I had never cooked for so many people and I overestimated the size of the portions and the quantity of ingredients that I would need.

I am giving myself another week for observation, than I’m starting to make changes in our shopping and cooking habits in order to decrease food waste and shopping time. Maybe this is the right moment to say that I usually don’t use any kind of shopping list. I don’t write down things I need to buy either on paper or on my mobile. I don’t give a shopping list to my husband, too. I just tell him what we need and keep my fingers crossed he won’t forget something. And I thought it worked out just fine until now. But as I see the results from the challenge I guess this will be the first thing that I will change.

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